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A Bit Early...

Since I'm here, I'll see how my resolutions faired this year, and see if there are some that I can accomplish before the year is out!

-Save $3000+ dollars for braces, and get them before the summertime.
I got braces before the summer! I hate them sometimes but they're doing a great deal of good! My front teeth are straight!

-Decide on a driving school and complete lessons before November. Let Alex take me out driving more.
I'm going out for my G2 test this week! Not to say I'll pass... I'm still not very confident but we'll see how I do!

-Start using my T2i camera, get a new card, and shoot the Garage Sale short with Jeff and Amanda
I haven't shot the short yet, but I did make some films over the summer at CKLN and Fort York. And I have a few cards now.

-Post more comics/blogs, 2-4 a month at least for SFP/myself.
No longer working for SFP, and I haven't been living up to this, but I'm hoping for an Inkling for christmas so that I can maybe be more motivated!

-Save for that LA trip rather than spending frivolously.
Done! It was a really fun trip too! 

-Learn all those songs to play with Jake/Jimmy. Play at least one show.
Nope! Been lagging on that a lot. 

-Finish web design and put up site. Continue collecting for portfolio/resume.
Yeah I did this, www.wix.com/ecorby/emmacorbycontrolstheuniverse

-Get contacts.
No, I still need to do this.

-Spend less time at home on the computer, and more time out doing stuff I actually want to.
Need to move out so that this will be more likely... 


-Join dance/self-defense classes throughout the year. Possibly even a plastics course?
This would be good but I'm still saving, so we'll see.

-Let go of material possessions that do not serve me any purpose but fulfilling nostalgic tendencies.

-Develop a schedule including skin care/exercise.
Skin care good, exercise bad. 

-Read more books/see more famous films.
I've been reading a lot more and developing my book/comic book collection. I really love it. 

What's going on in my life!

Things have finally gotten a lot better, I have a job at 401 Richmond editing videos for major companies in the city, and I love it there. My boss is awesome, and the people that share the office are awesome, and the pay is awesome.

I'm feeling really lazy today and I miss Alex. He's still in the city and I'm seeing him on Tuesday and everything, but he's been so busy it'll be 5 days that we'll have been apart and it totally totally sucks.

I should be either going out to buy comics, or working on an animation but I think I'm just going to chill in bed with my eyes closed for a bit. My brain is stinging a little bit.


I was offered the job and then they took it away from me because I mildly reacted to the fact that they were offering me 7000 less than the minimum we previously discussed.

Oh well. On to the next thing.

Also I am in driving school.

Starting To Get Depressed

So, I am becoming more and more anxious about this dream-job I applied for. I made them two kick-ass videos and a press kit, the boss was blown away by it. She was just concerned about me having a driver's license. I will have it within the month, and I assured her of this. She said that was great and that she'd be in contact with me by the end of the week, Monday latest.
The end of the week has come and gone and I have not heard word. I really hope she calls me up on Monday.
Things are going to really suck if I don't hear from her, I'll be pretty heartbroken. This job is/was going to be the big turning point for me. I could move out, get a car, and leave my shit job.
I am sick of working for this man.
I am just so sick of him and his bullshit.
He blames me for using the fucking styrofoam plates HE BOUGHT.
he sends me more than rude texts. I need to quit, and I want to quit now,
but I don't know if I should if I am going to just be unemployed.
I need this job. I am so so scared I'm not going to get it.

This repeats in my mind over and over, and it will until I hear from her.

So depressed. So anxious. So unsure.

Fucking long weekend bullshit.


even though I wasn't sure about Tumblr, I have been using it a lot more than this lately. Words just haven't been pouring out of me the way they used to. Things are just calm and pretty straight forward, so check out the fun images and shit I post:


Never Got Nothin' Ta Say

I like going to LG Fashion Week. I should probably volunteer there next season, it'd be a great way to make the right connections.

I'm looking for a fresh job, a place that appreciates me. I need more shit to put under my belt.

Really like Odd Future.

Updating tumblr and lookbook and not getting any fucking attention, even when I post a picture I made and get 194 reblogs, I only got 1-2 followers from that.

I wanna shoot my short film but every day I schedule it's raining or too snowy. Fuck man.

Anyway, not really sure what's going on with me all the time, I'm basically working, looking for work, doing house work, or with my boyfriend.

I can't wait for it to be warmer. Lately is going in the right direction though.


I believe my obsession is with obsession. I desire to be consumed by something, have it control my life, but I can never concentrate enough on it. I spread myself too thin over too many areas and I never really get that satisfaction of one thing controlling my life. I have dependance, I could not survive without music or film or art.. but I can never possess any one of them wholly. I want to direct. I want to be fashionable. I want to know everything about film. I want to dress harajuku. I want to dress vintage. I want to read classic novels. I want to know classic films. I want to be delicate and i want to be loud. I want to be organized, I want to have knick-knacks. I want to try and dance again I want to take photography and I want to sing. I want to play bass and I want to have perfect nails. I want to have a walk-in closet. I want to be a minimalist. I want to edit. I want to shoot. I want to design. I want to decorate. I want to get lost in all of these things but in order to want them all, I must not be owned by just one.

New Years Resolutions/Wrap-Up!

Hey there guys! I feel I should keep up my "honourable" tradition of writing out my resolutions, and seeing how I faired on accomplishing my resolutions from last year.

This year has been pretty amazing, I finished OCAD, I quit at Cora's, got two new jobs, went to New York for the first time, and for the second time. Alex and I had our 2 year anniversary, and things have stayed relatively peachy. Let's look back to last year and see what I was sayin'....

-Lose this silly belly. It's not much but I could stand to lose about 10 pounds. I don't like how I jiggle in unpleasant places. The other jigglies can stay.
I lost 5 pounds when I got my wisdom teeth out, and gained it back gradually

-Take my art a bit more seriously. I need to put up my website (save the design and invest in some serious godaddy.com business up in this) and do some more paintings - I miss tangible crafting.
though I did re-design the idea for my website, I still haven't purchased webspace. I did however, design websites for Toronto Differential, Style Faux Pas, and Candy Pink Designs. I also started a few paintings but they are not done.

-Try doing hourly comic month in January. Maybe it'll inspire or lead to something funny. I'll probably get lazy, like I did with my tamagotchi - oh shit I gotta check that mother fucker.. oh good he's asleep
I actually did this. You can find them here: http://semi-retarded.livejournal.com/183097.html#cutid1 it's a bit of a test in endurance for the reader as well as it was for me

-Read Pitchfork and keep more current with my music collection. I've only been looking for Neon Indian and Vega and they're really the same artist... I need to spread out a little (that's what she said)
I still don't read Pitchfork, and I'm still kinda lazy about music, but I don't know if I really mind.

-Continue being an awesome girlfriend but maybe be a bit more awesome - try to push the awesome.
I did this in spades bitches.

-Get my fucking G1 already
I DID IT! I passed in November and I'm still waiting for it to show up in the mail v_v

-Get fucking braces already

-Try learning guitar again, haven't learned a new song since the summer, and there sure are a lot of M.Ward songs that could be played and sung. Maybe even write something new, even if that is a bit adventurous.
I'm actually supposed to be starting a band with people this year playing bass and singing cover songs from electronic artists. I am excited for it. I still need to learn a few of those songs though for sure

-Clean room once a week - holy fuck I am a slob and I need to get rid of a bunch of my shit. I've been getting rid of shit forever and I still am no better.
Still a problem, but I have been doing a lot better with this, and I think I'll only ever be happy once I move out and have room for everything rather than just a room for everything!

-Put those damned fucking ideas I have into action! Project or not I should be working on stuff! I want to start doing installations in public space and doing more animated stuff. Need to be more motivated to do stuff even if it's not a project.
I bought a T2i camera to start shooting short films... have not utilized yet as the card is lame

-Do what I say I'm gonna and be a more cleanly person and look around me more, make sure everything is all tidy. nope

Okay, so I fared decently. Here's my new list, and it'll include some of what was included last year but maybe a little different.

-Save $3000+ dollars for braces, and get them before the summertime.

-Decide on a driving school and complete lessons before November. Let Alex take me out driving more.

-Start using my T2i camera, get a new card, and shoot the Garage Sale short with Jeff and Amanda

-Post more comics/blogs, 2-4 a month at least for SFP/myself.

-Save for that LA trip rather than spending frivolously.

-Learn all those songs to play with Jake/Jimmy. Play at least one show.

-Finish web design and put up site. Continue collecting for portfolio/resume.

-Get contacts.

-Spend less time at home on the computer, and more time out doing stuff I actually want to.


-Join dance/self-defense classes throughout the year. Possibly even a plastics course?

-Let go of material possessions that do not serve me any purpose but fulfilling nostalgic tendencies.

-Develop a schedule including skin care/exercise.

-Read more books/see more famous films.

Hmm I suppose that's all for now? Let's see how I do this year! Jeeze laweeze! Being an adult is crazy!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while

I turned 23, I went to Fashion Week, I went to New York, I had my 2 year anniversary with Alex, I went to a wedding, I started a job as an editor/videographer, I was and still am awesome.
So, that big job for September fell through at no fault of my own - the company I was working for ended up rejecting the offer etc etc = me -$9000. A serious bummer. Out of sympathy the company did hire me on for a 3-day job making $100/day. Shouldn't be too much work but one day I have to be "on location" at 6:30am v___v ah well. Money doesn't really mean anything... right?...

I am working one day a week at Cora's. I e-mailed my boss and was kind of like "um what the fuck" but in a really well-worded kind of way.

I really want a new job and to get my G1 (or at least take the test) before my birthday. I think it's a fair goal, especially considering all of my friends and boyfriend are too busy with school work to hang out with me all day every day.

I've been very busy with the internship - going to be going to 2-3 days of Fashion Week which should be fun and exhilarating. I wish I was going for the entire week though. I keep a blog for them and two twitter pages and designed two websites for them as well.


if you want to give me some hits it'd be appreciated.

Alex's brother Jim gave me $100 to make him a website, and it's taken me ALL SUMMER to get around to making the entire thing - I don't know why I'm such an asshole. His other brother is going to get me to do some art for him for a web comic he wants to start, so that could be interesting. I am thinking he's going to pay me per drawing but I'm not sure. It doesn't really matter.

My friend Bobby who has his own business is willing to pay me for a website for his company as well, so what the hell why not.

As for the "right now" aspect of my life, today was actually totally awesome.

I bought a leather jacket a few days ago and I finally was able to wear it out for the first time. I went for a bike ride to a library and it took 20-30 minutes to get there. It's a pretty great library, small but carries a lot of contemporary stuff and "graphic novels" I grabbed a bunch and ended up reading "Lost At Sea" by Bryan Lee O'Malley, (the guy who made Scott Pilgrim), "Ice Haven" by Daniel Clowes, and "Parker" I don't know why by.... I'd heard it was "great" but I felt like I was reading a Sin City that was uninteresting. He is angry, he goes and kills his ex-wife and tries to track down the guy who stole her and his money, he kills him, goes after the "big boss" who has his money and I just stopped reading there because who fucking cares, really.
I went into the fiction section and tried to find some books Lindsay had suggested, but instead found a book called Selfish and Perverse by Bob Smith. So far it's a fun read, a story about a gay author who is trying to find his motivation to finish his novel while working as a script assistant for a late-night talk show, when he finds himself falling in love with a fisherman from Alaska and a guest star of the show.

From the library, I went to Value Village because I was basically a block away from it and how could I resist... I ended up finding a pair of chocolate-brown leather L.L. Bean loafers for $10. I realized then and there I was taking my hipsterdom in a dangerous direction by fuck it I got them anyway.

I have spent way too much money on way too many things in the past few weeks - I went kind of crazy because I couldn't get this one bag.. but really, I just found a lot of stuff I'd been wanting for a long time and I found it all for affordable... actually upon reflection that's exactly what happened.

-light lace top
-dinosaur bone necklace
-black lace-up boots
-leather biker jacket
-knee-high socks

yeah - a lot of those things have been on my mental list for a while... WOAH I AM SO TOTALLY INTERESTING

Anyway, I got home and started reading but it was freezing so I ended up curling up in my bed and falling asleep for a half hour then had dinner and came on the internet and worked on a bunch of fucking shit and was really just bored of the whole thing... (ironically I am back)

Well I guess I'll go take another G1 practice test.